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About Me

For the last nine years, I have been working in organizational and management development. I have gained a ton of experience in providing leadership coaching, strategic planning, and management consulting for non-profit, government and corporate organizations.  My primary strength:  I care!  People tell me they sense that and it increases my ability to help individuals and organizations grow while developing their full potential.  My facilitation style is engaging, authentic and, I’ve been told, inspiring.   My most effective programs are when I can work, closely with clients, gain a clear understanding of their unique challenges,  and develop creative solutions specifically focused on addressing their issues.

Having owned and operated my own business for 18 years, I understand the inner workings of an organization in terms of leadership, staff and organizational development, relationship, creating a strong company culture and bringing strategic goals to fruition.   In addition, I rely on my intuition to tell me what the eyes and mind don’t readily see on the surface.

Before starting Marnie Williams Consulting, I spent 23 years working and teaching in the healthcare industry with an emphasis on pain management.  I’ve trained hundreds of other therapists both in therapeutic and business practices.

I have facilitated sessions for non-profit organizations, individuals dealing with post-traumatic stress, and teaching workshops on work/life balance.  I am a Certified Professional Behavior Analyst, Trigger Point Myotherapist and am also trained as a legacy and succession planning facilitator.